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p and h.. padding suggestion

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Would like to suggest to add this to the Framework core:

h1:last-child, .h1:last-child, h2:last-child, .h2:last-child, h3:last-child, .h3:last-child, h4:last-child, .h4:last-child, h5:last-child, .h5:last-child, h6:last-child, .h6:last-child, p:last-child {
    margin-bottom: 0;
p:first-child {
    margin-top: 0;

This strips any surrounding padding from the content making default padding of containers more symmetrical. So padding can be done with minimal parameters. example

{"clone":"ukxxve6","object":"PL_Container","content":{"0":{"clone":"u1j47rn","object":"PL_Text_Section","content":[],"settings":{"text":"<h2>RON HOEBEN</h2>\n<p>“Een goede communicatie met onze klanten is erg belangrijk. We houden van korte lijnen en hebben regelmatig contact. Omdat we dedicated leveren voor twee grote klanten, kunnen we ook een dedicated service bieden. We adviseren over assortiments&shy;bepaling, voorraad en presentatie. Op&nbsp;die manier fungeren we niet alleen als leverancier, maar ook als partner.”</p>","saved":1}}},"settings":{"padding_top":"1.5","margin_bottom":"2.0","color":"rgba(167, 168, 170, .15)","custom_name":"Inner font color","saved":1}}


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