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    • goingnutts
      By goingnutts+
      It seems my quest to simplify life, make everything more mobile, leads me to ask; what are the possibilities of Pagelines developing the ability to edit the framework in mobile devices?
      The iPad Pro comes to mind. Adobe has released some excellent mobile design tools. The ability to edit the site live, in front of clients or, on the go based on a client request or enjoying a Bahamas mama on a beach, would be an excellent option. 
    • nizami
      By nizami+
      Just soft launched client site jackielewis.co.uk by pointing the domain at the flywheel hosting location...all well except all the DMS UI icons––the little pencil for edit, the buttons for syncing elements etc––are gone, leaving just the default square icon...Can't think why that would break? Unless it's a DNS propagation issue? Anyone else had this? N
    • jameswuk
      By jameswuk
      Hi there,
      I just wondered if there was any way either now, or in the future, for the DMS 'palette' window to 'pop out' into a separate window, or even to have a choice of docking positions (like Developer Tools)? I (like many, I'm sure) have a dual monitor setup, and whilw I can of course just open another browser window in the other monitor, it would be 'neater' to just be able to detach the DMS palette.
    • arno
      By arno+
      While a had a webpage open to edit in DMS (in a Chrome tab), I noticed that this Chrome tab kept drawing 5%-7% of the CPU power (i7 processor). Even though I hadn't been on that tab for more than a day.
      Is that a known issue? Is there any way to work around this problem?