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make less/css too small space

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the less/css box in the right edit bar is too small !!!
You lose overview & scrolling is pain.

  • make AUTO ... as large as the window height 
  • make available in PL-Setting (als up to now in DMS)

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    • tomtwigg
      By tomtwigg+
      There are some Impulse qualities (title, subtitle, alignment, overlay opacity) that I would like to modify, but when I view source I see that unlike other feature sliders that I've used with PageLines, Impulse seemed to be completely executed via script. Usually I would identify the div class or ID and change via LESS/CSS, but I've not a clue as to how to do it with Impulse. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • floydwebb
      By floydwebb
      I can't get my less?CSS window to open. Any ideas of the probable issue?
    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      I would like to change the color of the dynamically created Author, Comments, and Categories text in the "metabar-pad" container, since right now it is unseen (most likely white on white).

      I'm familiar with how to use LESS/CSS. However, I can't find where that container CSS is defined.

      Could you please let me know where/how?

      Thank you.
    • eglashcreative
      By eglashcreative+
      Hi all,
      I'm panicking a bit here - a client site I'm developing (and almost done with) is throwing an error:
      PageLines Sections LESS/CSS error. expected color value: failed at `border: 1px solid darken(@baseContrastMore, 10);` line: 96
      The site is totally messed up. Here's what I've done, using my brain and research on the forums:
      - Removed all of my custom CSS (using Pagelines Customize). Still broken.
      - Updated Pagelines today. It broke some time (hours) after this.
      - Refreshed the Store - read that refreshing it might work. I have no Sections installed on this site, by the way. Still broken.
      - Checked every "line: 96" I could think of. Can't find anything.
      - It seemed to break after I enabled Boxes on one particular Template. I also trashed a ton of unused boxes.
      All help is greatly appreciated. Should I be using debug mode? Thanks.