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content section / incomplete

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content section does not allow

  • to disable post Image
  • nowhere!
  • also not in meta setting within post / as tilte checkbox)

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    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      "content section" adds 1 more padding on mobiles
      see attached image
    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      make NavBars (each) choose-able, to break in mobile view "above content" OR "below content"
    • JudithKlinger
      By JudithKlinger+
      I've searched thru threads, but I'm still struggling with post layout. 
      With Pagelines, I was able to set up this sort of post layout: http://www.issue01.w-edigest.org/go-fish/
      I was able to position the author photo/link, title, date, text etc. 
      I tried using Loops, with only one post and I can't seem to break apart or position those meta elements. 
      Perhaps someone has found a plugin that might help? 
    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      When within a content section & using "shortcode button". My recommendation is for the Pop-Up in "pagelines sections" , where it is annoying that someone needs to enter the "unique-ID".
      based on the selection of a section  (relational) offer custrom ID-Names in a drop-down (for selection) meaning, where a customer has already taken action to enter a Custrom-ID offer the choice to either enter use the drop-down (der Zustrom-ID´s in use) or enter a unique-ID (as now available, randomly given by the system)  
    • Gavin_
      By Gavin_+
      1. Pagination ajax load more - like in original Pins Post - so you select how many to display (as per option now) and then load more if required. 
      2. Gallery Format - is limited, no control over post meta / excerpt etc. 
      3. Stretch Goal for Gallery Format - add Font Awesome Icon yes/no (if yes choose icon) 
      4. Stretch Goal 2 for Gallery Format - add ability to choose direction content appears from - left / right / top / bottom / none
      5. Thanks