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please do not dorngrade funtionality / Strategic resommendation

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As a start I´d like to mention, that Platform5 is just great !!!

I´d like to deviier a strategic input tp the pagelines team for Plaform 5. This is a general request and recommendation, based on the example of Masonic. DMS2 offered essential functions that are already implemented in the field amongst developers and customers. Competitors do already offer it on a high level as well. I do unterstand that some features, like Parallx (although I like it) are not appropreate form the speed & communications perpective, like Andrew mentioned. 

Problem: What I do see is, that Platform5 currently downgrades comodity market functionality - having signifikant impact on existent projects, when building new, or migrating, what customers already have and are used to. In the context of masonic this forces a complete logical redesign of the site.

eg. downgrades / dropped functionalities

  • meta-key + meta-key-value
  • grid mode

suggested work-arounds

  • relaunch the above mentioned fields to masonic
  • add a field "Show Only On Page(s)"  (same as "Hide On Page(s)" ... just oposite)
  • this allows to pick out some selected pages eg. for summary navigation


I do recommend, that functionality, bound to the core of WP, offer most flexible functionality in all data blocks available.

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What are you losing in PL5 that you are missing? What specifically?

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2 hours ago, Andrew said:

What are you losing in PL5 that you are missing? What specifically?

I mean (although I have mentioned it already above

  • any functionality of sections (eg. masory)
    • that has functional / structural impact to a site
    • eg. filtering option in mosony > by meta-key/value
  • any functionality of sections, that is static (eg. footer) 
    • not allowing > to change/swop column order
    • not allowing > to adjust grid size of colums
  • general
    • gone 
      • hiding of sections
      • some sections eg. docker, 
    • i would give options for all loop elements
      • date, editor, headline, post-Image, etc.
      • to:  Display/Hide ... each one of them (I know it´s also possible by code

.... I must admit, when I look over it ... that it´s actually not too much :) I just probably felt, that things like masory should rather be exmanded in some sort of "special-rezent-posts", but maybe more intelligent and easier.

I´ll keep on posting more here, if I find out.

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