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    • dario
      By dario
      I've got three columns in a canvas area. The two on the sides have text boxes in them and the center one has a media box section.
      The canvas area sits between another canvas area on the top and the footer on the bottom.
      With nothing in the media box, the canvas area in question is about 75px high. Adding the image bumps it up to 150px.
      I want to have an image in the centered media box which overlaps the top canvas area and the footer area. 
      I've done this on a test, static page (outside of WordPress and DMS), but cannot figure it out within WP/DMS.
      This link helped (in my html/css testing page), but I think it's a rabbit trail for my DMS site:
      Does anyone have an idea or direction in which I might look?
    • wpclincoln
      By wpclincoln
    • greatgreen