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Good idea, 5.1 scope

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I have a suggestion that would really make this appealing to anyone wanting to hide content based on conditionals out there.  (especially membership site builders)

I think it would be easy to do as well. and save the need for so many check boxes etc.

Why not open this up to all available conditionals with a simple input box where you input the conditional you want executed from the word press codex it self.

ex. is_home() is_sticky() etc.

For more examples visit the codex link below.


It is well documented and this would be true awesomeness!

Here's how membership site builders would love this...

I currently use this widget logic to hide sidebar widgets from people that have purchased certain online courses or content because my membership plugin ( Memberpress) has its own conditionals.


So I can filter what people see based on my own conditionals. logged in, logged out, or user roles isn't very useful filtering if you sell stuff online.

That widget only works with sidebar though and can't add a conditionals box to a Pagelines section.

My biggest problem with DMS is I can't hide Pagelines sections from if_purchased conditionals.

I have worked around it but it would save so much time and be incredibly awesome!

I hope you consider this as it would really open Pagelines platform 5 up to the growing market of WordPress membership site  builders out there.


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On 11/5/2015 at 0:05 AM, Andrew said:

Good idea, 5.1 scope


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