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New tab with every extension?

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Every time I add a PL extension, it opens in new tab. Looked up at the screen and I have 5 tabs open for the same site... 

Is that intentional? 

Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 (64-bit)

MAC OSX 10.11



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It is for now until we add multiple extension install.

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okey doke. Thanks. 

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      Since I don't know what causes it (Pagelines, or a Plugin), I would like to disable the feature using a CSS override that Google describes as follow:
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      I haven't seen this come up on the forums, but since Chrome's required for PageLines, I thought it might be helpful to share this information with the community - I've been tearing my hair out about this all week.
      Chrome's most recent update, to use non-technical terminology, broke the crap out of a ton of Wordpress sites and other web applications. Chrome's forcing sites to look for HTTPS when there's no HTTPS to be found, which, in some cases, prevents you from accessing your Wordpress site entirely. Here's a pretty good explanation of what's going on: https://ma.ttias.be/chrome-44-sending-https-header-by-mistake-breaking-web-applications-everywhere/
      Per the article and Google's release schedule, it looks like the issue's supposed to be fixed in the next update, Monday, 27th of 2015. For our customers, we're going to ride it out and see if a fix gets implemented on schedule, but the article comments include a plugin hosted on Github that resolves the issue.
      In any case, if there's anyone else going crazy trying to figure out what's going on with their sites, I hope this helps.