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adding WWW. to mywebsiteurl.com

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My website where I just finished doing DMS theme setup with almost 37+ plugins are installed and activated now, I want to change my URL in to setting/general of wordpress for make changes in my website URL structure..

I want to change from:




I hope it will not break my site design because; I have one question..

so, my question is what is the steps before I edit my URL in settings/general both urls from http://mydomainurl.com to http://www.mydomainurl.com ?

I need to change/deactiavte DMS and all currently activated plugins I need to DEACTIVATE first?

then change the URL from http://mydomainurl.com to http://www.mydomainurl.com ?

please let me know? I will prefer WWW. site url structure and I want to say my website is new and not yet indexed so, after I change non www to WWW. I will add preferences in google webmaster tools dashboard area too.. :)

please let me know.



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