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My 2 cents

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Greetings All,
I have been using PL5 for a couple weeks now and figured I would give my overall assessment of it. After using DMS 1 and 2 my expectations were set pretty high. I have grown accustom to watching my site come together on the front end without all the flip flop that other frameworks and theme have you do with that being said PL5 does not disappoint. 

I get that open canvas feel that DMS had which is great. I hate it when a certain look and style is forced on me and you have to make drastic css modifications to make it yours. With PL5 it’s pretty basic as far as design goes and within a few clicks it completely different. 

I am a Divi user but the one thing that has always plagued me was that Divi has that look and feel about that is easily distinguishable even without looking at the code. DMS and PL5 don’t have this problem and that’s why it usually my first choice when he comes to clients.  

PL 5 Framework

Now on to the framework.

The sections appear well thought out and with the user/developer in mind. There was a slight learning curve getting started with all the sliders and options but after a couple hours and chat among other devs it was super easy. 

The PL team has listened to all the requests for fixed nav on scroll and Background overlays from the DMS users and has responded. The ability to damn near add an background overlay anywhere is pretty awesome and the fixed nav on scroll that comes with the mega-nav is a great feature.

You can now put 2 images together side by side with NO gaps. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that. :)  

You can now easily overlap elements and see the outcome instantly. 

I like the speed of the PL5 framework + Pagelines theme it is insanely fast I was completely amazed.

I do think going forward communication is going to be crucial as most user/dev are not very technical or code savvy. The Pagelines user group is a step in the right direction I can’t wait to see it blow up.

I put myself in the shoes of someone new to PL5 and asked some questions:  

1.    How do I change the logo size in the elements sections?
2.    Why can’t I change the the font size of the header and sub header independently from one another.
3.    How do I wipe the page clean and start over without clicking on each section to delete.
4.    How do I change the icon size in the boxes?
5.    How is the scope feature best used?

Just to name a few.

Some of these are pretty easy and anyone with a slight knowledge of css can inspect and solve the issue. 

Even though I like where PL5 is headed I did get the feeling that I was taking two steps backwards with the move from DMS. I know PL5 is young and in time it will surpass DMS2. Although PL5 will work DMS2 and Divi it wasn't for me.

I tried it with DMS2 and to me it seemed like a bad fit. 
I tried it with Divi and I felt like it was overkill. It may be good for someone who wants to really overdo it on a site.

But either way it’s good to have the option to include it in any theme.     

Somethings I would like to see as PL5 grows:
•    An accordion/toggle section 
•    Something to replace power loop (I miss it already)
•    Post/Page title section with meta
•    Tabs Section
•    Animations (I miss you too)

To conclude I like it and given sometime PL5 is just going to get even better.

So nice work PL team and keep up the good work.





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Great assessment Aires. I think, in time, PL5 will be amazing. It's so quick, so visual. 

Where I'm running into trouble is post format/layout. I really need the post/page title section, and I need to manage the meta info.  And I miss the animations as well. 

As they say here in Italy, "Piano. Piano." (slowly.slowly...good things come to those who wait!)


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I agree it can only get better.

I think or hope Pagelines has found something that they can improve on for years to come. But time will tell whether that is so or not.

I would love to label myself as a Platform Specialist.




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