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Not sure if I am missing something here but just working on a new site using Masonic on the blog page. The /blog page looks great in this format but when I select a post the selected url loads but it is still on the blog page not the actual post!

On the latest blog post I have had to change the Scope to current page only: 'Blog post name' but surely that shout be default so I don't have to change hundreds of posts...?


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I think I have sorted this now - seems I had the wrong config in the Scope settings. Just the issue with wrapping to resolve.



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      The Filtering of categories in the Masonic Gallery refreshes back to ALL categories when the DMS Revslider loads a new image?
      Anybody any idea? See Artists Category refreshes back to ALL when the DMS Revslider with images on the top loads a news image on http://www.18hrsfestival.nl/
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      I have three items in my Masonic section. I would like them to center on the page. Here is the page on my staging site. What is the CSS code to do this? I don't see another option to handle this.
      Thank you.
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      Please tell me how to remove the date on hover from the Masonic section. The dummy for this page is here.
      An older post here showed the following for it (below) but it does not work (anymore?).
      #site .pl-center-cell .metabar { display: none; } Thank you.
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      Hi there, the Filter By option within the Masonic section isn't working when a custom post type and custom category is selected.  If you swap to normal posts and categories then it works but sadly not with custom post types and custom categories.
      All posts are shown but when you click on the categories all posts disappear even though posts do have these categories. When you click All all the posts come back. I've tried this on two different websites with the same result.
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      Hi guys,
      Flipper and Masonic are really good sections. Though, they would be much more helpful and powerful if they would have the same filtering capacity than Loops.
      Right now they fetch all the post, or pages. But you can't filter out by tag or category.
      That feature was available in DMS.
      Another big missing thing from Flipper is the ability to display the excerpt of the posts and to choose what post meta to display (author, date, etc)
      Sorry to sound repetitive with asking things that were available in DMS... but DMS was an awesome platform, and some of this powerful features are essential to make the transition from DMS to PL5 smooth.