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    • Universal Web Design
      By Universal Web Design+
      Pagelines DMS Developer edition the homepage on chrome is duplicated, and anything I edit does not save, or refresh or anything...
    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      There appears to be a problem with DMS and the latest version of WooCommerce (possibly with all 2.3x but I can't say for sure as it was just reported to me on a site running the latest version).
      The quantity selector does not show the + or - signs on either the single product page or shopping cart page.
      It just shows a box with a number in it.
      I deactivated DMS (running a child theme) and activated 2012 and the quantity selectors appeared.
      I reactivated DMS the DMS child theme, reverted to a previous version of WooCommerce (2.2.11) and the quantity selectors appeared.
      See attached images.
      Please advise.
    • martin.carrese
      By martin.carrese
      i need help about bugs i have with folio. I have several bugs :
      - icon in WP backend is a broken picture
      - on frontend, buttons that are supposed to be on the featured images are below
      - categories created in "folio" doesn't appear in DMS frontend, menu shows me normal articles categories.
      i deactivated all extensions, without effect on this problem
      i need you help, please,
      [attachment=2228:Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 15.46.02.png]
      [attachment=2229:Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 15.44.37.png]
    • shelynx
      By shelynx
      Dear DMS Team & Users
      One moment I was changing the content of my footer via the DMS Editor (Text Section) in Chrome... the next the page wouldn't load anymore... The Blog is still online for readers - but the changes haven't been saved (footer) and as soon as I am logged in as Admin the DMS Editor is loading... and loading...and loading. 
      Of course I've seen the link below concerning first helping steps... I've tried the following:
      1) Deactivating plugins AND of course emptying the cache didn't help
      2) Signing out and logging in again neither
      3) Javascript console shows no errors
      4) PHP errors DID show - but I am not sure IF they're the problem and WHAT I can change 
      but they are as following:
         NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object in /web/......./..../ tayonomy.php on line xy
         NOTICE: Undefined offset: 0 in /web/.../... /Seo-friendly-images.php (on two different lines)
      Right now I wouldn't be able to do ANY adjustments in my layout, sections and their content... is there any way to fix this? I feel quite helpless and would love to continue to use DMS... I am far from beeing a coder... Please help
         My Website URL is www.der-blasse-schimmer.de
         I've always been keeping everything updated (DMS up to date)
         Wordpress Version 5.8
         Plugins: some! but problem's the same with them deactivated
      I'd appreciate your help immensely! Thank you!
    • peter_von_z
      By peter_von_z
      I have a serious problem. The template that is set for the Blog page has some kind if of problem loading a resource. Something messed up the name of the jpeg to "SLIDER01.jpg”>%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20<div%20class=" instead of just SLIDER01.jpeg.
      The problem is that the editor won't load because of that problem and I can't assign a new template to the blog page. Worse, I accidentally deleted the template that was set for the blog page, so I can't update it even if I go to another page. ( Yes I know, that was really stupid..)
      So, what do I do? Is there some way to reset the blog page template or assign a new template directly on the server?
      Please help.
      The page with the problem..