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Problems with Elements

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Currently, the main heading for an element is automatically wrapped with a <h1> tag.

That's okay if the content its wrapping around is, in fact, meant to be the main heading for the page.

But I suspect there may be people who will already have a heading on the page wrapped with <h1> tags, so that's going to create a bit of a semantic issue (theoretically, from what I understand about HTML5 spec, it is possible to have more than one <h1> tag on a page, but you really need to know what you're doing).

So I think that designers should have the option to select that tag for each text part that makes up an element.

Additionally, if the main heading of an element is being used as the <h1> heading for a page, if designers are able to select the tag, then it should automatically wrap the <h1> tag with <header> tags (and maybe even the appropriate classes - e.g., entry-heading, entry-title).

When you look at the other text parts that make up an element, you see that the subheading is automatically wrapped in a <h3> tag.

If the main heading tag is a <h1> tag (as it is at present) then, logically/semantically, the subheading should be wrapped in <h2> tags or <p> tags (perhaps it could be set conditionally - depending on designer selection of main heading).

Further, the subheading <h3> tag actually wraps around <p> tags that contain the subheading content.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Finally when you specify a tag in the paragraph textbox of an element, it doesn't actually that tag as HTML. Instead, it adds a class - using the specified tag (e.g., class="h2") to a span.

That also does not make sense.

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My opinion is that cluttering things up with needless semantic edits is a bad idea for usability and maintenance.

Google is very good at figuring out semantic hierarchy these days; however, if you have something from them (or any other legit resource) about this i'd be happy to read it and implement accordingly.

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Just reread HTML5 specs and can say that, since the <h1> appears within sectioning content, it's actually okay/good to use multiple <h1> tags on the same page (same with sectioning root).

But it's still not okay/good to follow a <h1> with a <h3> tag or wrap a line of content with <p> tags and <h3> tags - e.g.,

<h3 class="elements-subheader" data-bind="plshortcode: subheader"><p>...</p>

That messes up the outline, which obviously isn't good for screen readers, and sends mixed signals to search engine spiders.

Nor is it okay/good to apply what appears to be <h1> through <h4> tags or <p> tags to content when, in fact, you are actually applying nothing more than a span with a class named h1, h2, h3, h4, or p.

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Anything happening with this?

Forget about semantics (although we are talking language), this is just bad practice.

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