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How to Remove FlexSlider JS?

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When running an analysis of my site speed using Pingdom, I observed the site was loading the javascript for the Quickslider section, even though it is not active on my site. I have two questions:

1. Why is DMS loading resources for inactive sections? Shouldn't it be smart enough to queue resources as needed?

2. How can I dequeue this Flexslider,js from my site using my child theme's functions.php?

Thanks so much

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Can you provide a link to your site please and a screenshot of your Pingdom result so we can see what you're referring to.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      Most of the site is working as expected, but I am having trouble with the css to change the font sizing in the slider. When I make changes to the styling classes in the slider configuration, for example:
      .flex-caption { font-size: 20px; }
      It doesn't update the slider. Either my css is not inheriting correctly, or I'm missing the syntax, or I'm missing something entirely.
      If I try to format the slider text directly with markup.. <h2>Hello this is slider text</h2>, it throws all of the text at the bottom of the slider image. Can anyone provide some guidance on where to check to see why the updates aren't inheriting, and also some guidance on what can/can't be done in the slider text, or best practices?
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      Hello , 
      i'm trying to use an external slideshow (for differnets reasons) , and i'm not manage to . 
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