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Platform 5 beta test part 1

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Hello Power Pagelines Team and members!

I have in the past tested several frontend builders like LiveComposer, VisualComposer, FrontEndBuilder, BeaverBuilder, etc.. and now Platform 5. I find my self diving right into the product with no problems. Below I have made some suggestions to eventually improve the product. However I wish the ideas to hopefully not decrease performance and only add functionality.


  • Installation / Product Registration: Straight forward and very easy. no problems on install or activation.
  • Upgrading from beta older versions of Platform 5: After reading the forums and finding tout he solution for automatic update I was able to update. Not sure if that is completely fixed yet. After changing the pl-platform.php file with Version : 5.0.20 to Version: 5.  The update worked great. When I checked the file pl-platform.php again. The Version: 5 I had typed was changed to the Version: 5.0.24. Will I have to in the future change the version to Version: 5 in order to get the beta updates?


  • The builder section is relatively organized will. I would suggest some visual highlights on hover over highlights effects for different builder sections (Header, template, footer) to give visual clues as to what area of the builder you are editing or manipulating.
  • Each section is clearly laid and easy to navigate
  • In the preview window of the actual site. Each section has a marker the identifies the section. The Slider section in the page builder  has the options for (Col, Offset, Edit, Show , clone , delete) of each section. However in the preview window of each section the Slider marker does not have  (Col, Offset, Edit, Show , clone , delete) . I feel if you put the (Col, Offset, Edit, Show , clone , delete) also in the section live preview area will make for quicker creation experience.
  • Example: Screen_Shot_2015-10-01_at_12.32.35_PM.th The preview window section selector should have the same controls as sections in the Pagebuilder Screen_Shot_2015-10-01_at_12.32.08_PM.th
  • Idea: Each section in the builder accepts a custom class. That custom class should be displayed next to the section name when custom classes are added.  Example: Slider (no class added)  -> Slider : .section1 ( custom class added to the sections. )
  • When all the configuration options are open in the builder. The title sections of the configuration area should have a contrasting background other that white and gray on hover over. Having to know where you are visually is a little challenging. More contrast I feel is needed with the title of each configuration title. Adding Sections area also has the same navigation challenges as the configuration area. A little contrast in the title color to be a light blue would be cool. 
  • Idea: What would really be nice is if you can adjust he width of the builder window and or be able to e toggle left , right and bottom locations of the builder within the browser kinda like inspector for Chrome


  • CSS Editor: The CSS editor window is kinda small. It would be super cool if sublime text editor was included in the CSS editor. What would even more way cooler is to have the page builder panel and the CSS editor panel side by side in a two panel column. 


  • Have not done any extensive research in this area yet, however I will test in more detail later


  • Coming soon when themes are available


  • Dashboard: Nothing to mentions as yet.
  • Site Images: Missing the change Favicon.ico options. Unless it is someplace I do not know yet.
  • Layout Nav: No comment as yet
  • Typography: No comment as yet
  • Colors/Background: No comment as yet
  • Content Section: No comment as yet
  • Social Icons: More social profiles would be good.
  • Scripts: Sublime text editor would be nice, Resizing the windows would be really nice. What about footer scripts entry area?


  • No comment as yet


Summary: I am pleased with the creation of the builder is many ways. I have not experienced any problems so far with using PL5 base template. Truly wonderful job on the beta. I love the performance of the product out the box. It is not heavy at all. 

This is a great start to something I feel I may continue to use more and more as time goes on. I wish my feedback supports this Beta and improves this product so people can enjoy PL5.

Thank you Pagelines Team! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Roger Lanoue Jr

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Awesome feedback Roger!

To answer a couple of your questions..

Yes, now you have updated past 5.0.9 you do not need to do the changing version hack to get the updates, it was a php versioning bug, basically php thinks 5.0.10 is less that 5.0.9 ;) think about it and it is! Anyway thats fixed now we do it the proper way..

The LESS editing area will be revisited post launch as it is a plugin it will be easy to update.

I'm not too sure about resizable builder pane because the whole thing is cleverly crafted iframes, Andrew can chime in on whether it is possible or not.

The favicon option is there if you are using WordPress < 4.3 because as of 4.3 favicons are part of WP core, you can add them via the customizer now.


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Thanks Roger! Awesome suggestions, keep the feedback coming.

we are on feature lock down and but this pl5 will hopefully only get better for years (much like WP)

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Thank you,

Simon: thanks for the feedback and answering my questions.

Andrew: Platform 5 is really looking strong. I actually like working with it. All the other front end builders did not keep me playing with it. I am gonna play with PL5 for sure.

This builder is like the fastest FE builder I have ever seen. WhooooooWheeeeeee!!!!


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