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    • gansmedia
      By gansmedia
      I was wondering if anyone could help me remove the play button from the video slider,“full screen” mode. Is this possible? 
      Thanks in advance.
      got it. thanks.
    • stephen2
      By stephen2+
      I'm having trouble getting the slide content to show when viewing in Safari. Show perfectly in Chrome and Firefox. 
      Let me know if you'd like to view the page. It's on a staging server and I can get you access.  
      Let em know.
    • stephen2
      By stephen2+
      I'm using your plug-in Video Slider. Everytime I enter an end time for the video - hit save and refresh - the plugin crashes.  The only to use it again is to deactivate it, delete the affected section and start over. 
      Any ideas? 
    • jDub
      By jDub
      Hi there, I want to remove the dark overlay texture on the image slider and video slider.  Can you please tell me how to do this.
      Thank you for your help.
    • Rob Thomas
      By Rob Thomas+
      Hi Enrique, 
      I bought the video slider plugin (separately from Voyant) awhile ago and it works great except ... the play button does not toggle properly, as, for example, it does in the demo for your Voyant theme. 
      So, I set the button to mute in the settings. I can turn the video on, and it plays, but after I click to turn it off, I can't turn it on again. It's a one way trip, so to speak. 
      You can test it at a live site, beautiful.fail