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    • mno
      By mno+
      In DMS we used to have the section "PLNextBox"that was pretty handy for adding php code in different parts of the page. I used it a lot in global sections like the footer and header to detect what is the current language of the site and based on that output the right string.
      Is the embed section going to support php in the future? are you bringing PLNextBox to PL5? is there another way to work with multiple languages for the global footer and header sections?
    • thebrasseffect
      By thebrasseffect+
      I'm having an issue with the PLNextbox where the content of the box tends to disappear for no reason. I'm going to include the link because for whatever reason I can't upload the photo - http://screencast.com/t/j62AS6vm0mj and here's what it looks like after a few f5 refreshes - http://screencast.com/t/voR6w7CM 
            The site is located at http://thebrasseffect.com/development/nt        I'm on DMS 2.1 and I have the following plugins activated:     Add from server, Akismet, Better iBoxes, Classy, Contact Form7, Custom Sidebars, DMS Professional Tools, Duplicate Post, Enhanced Options Editor, Flowy, Flyp PL Section, Footer Extras DMS, Icon Font Shortcode, Jetpack, Pagelines Updater, PageTitle PL DMS Section, PLNextbox, Poppy, Search by Google, Shortcode Quicktags, Sidekick and Wordpress SEO.     I need to get this corrected as soon as possible so a resolution to this would be great
    • glennyboy
      By glennyboy
      I've experienced a major problem. I was using PL NextBox on a custom post type detail page. As far as I know the php content was fine, but on refreshing / loading the page I get "Oops, There may be an issue loading". problem is that I hadn't created a template for the individual custom post type yet and so it's pulling up an unknown template. I simply can't get rid of the error as there is no template to delete. Very frustrating. Please advise how to reset this particular post type in DMS. Is there a fallback?
      Best Regards   Glennyboy
    • Gonchar
      By Gonchar
      PLNextBox plugin update from 1.0 for 1.1 has broken all existing PLNextBox sections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Could you say How it is possible in DMS Company?