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Structure, Layouts, Function

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I know there are videos coming but I'm not finding the structure/placement of the tools very intuitive.  There is a lot of clicking and it's seeming pretty limited on layouts. 

I want to be able to add and HTML section, row, columns and assign the functional/basic CSS for those elements from the builder.  Margins, padding, float, centering.   

The new slider - I have base font at 14px and if I have the slider font at 200% it's still very small, I guess custom CSS is the solution?

I tried to build a quick woo product page today.  I added store page then tried to add sidebars like we would have before.  Shrinking the column count of the products moved the products left adding a sidebar it could hold hardly any content without moving to two or three lines for just a few words.  I tried it using a number of different structures.  

Are we supposed to go about that another way?


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