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Caching Pagelines DMS 2 website

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I want to know what is BEST Caching wordpress plugin which is 100% compatible and stable - without BREAKING my live finished/designed websites..

I want to know recommendations and right options/settings with Caching my website for fastest speed..

Off course I will use CDN services like Amazon S3.

I added Kraken and TinyPNG - API keys for images compression..

I just need help setting up CDN services like Amazon S3 + Caching wordpress plugin [W3 Total Cache] I am thinking to use W3 Total Cache plugin.

My intention behind opening this support thread is: I am afraid about, if my DMS PRO 2 Pagelines built website get broken or after Caching settings goes wrong then? I put so many hours getting my websites done my required ways.. added all posts/articles ect.. I want help with this from you expert! :)

Thanks in advance!

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We are unable to provide you with a definitive answer on how to setup a cache plugin. As the settings are not related to your themes, but your server. We use WP Super Cache on PageLines.com which I would also recommend. W3 Total Cache is an awesome plugin, but it has far to many options for your average user. Also, a cache plugin isn't really required on your site unless you have high traffic.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • King Creative Design
      By King Creative Design+
      I recently published a new DMS site for my own company http://kingcreativedesign.com. I am having an issue with Google caching my site. When I do a Google search and click on the cached link (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:14sAsQebWvAJ:kingcreativedesign.com/+&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us) it looks like the css isn't loading. Do you have any ideas. I'm not sure how to go about trouble shooting this issue. aAny insight will be appreciated.
      WordPress 4.2.2
      DMS2 - Version:
      Skeleton theme
    • juice-qr
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      Hi, we're on pagelines 1.5.2 (I believe the free version) with wordpress 3.8.1,
      We have 2 servers, a new server running apache 2.2.15 with centos 6., and an older server with centos 5.5. running apache 2.4.2.
      Trying to figure out a caching issue on the newer server, when we make changes to the custom css, it's not being updated on the apache 2.2.15 server.  On the apache 2.4.2 server, it works fine.
      Is this possibly an issue with pagelines needing to be updated? Or is there an apache config somewhere I can check? I read that it might be an issue with the apache sendfile directive, I've turned that off on the new server.
    • atcdomainsolutions
      By atcdomainsolutions+
      Just had a chat with tech support and while most of us use caching plugins for Wordpress, I got a little tip (sure the super techies here already know this) but I can admit I didn't.  He gave me some commands to add to the .htaccess file of my domains root directory that I build sites off of as well as my own sites and it definitely speeds things up tremendously.
      I just added the below code to the top of my .htaccess file (I know this is a file most shouldn't mess with) but I added this code exactly as it appears.  Just figured I'd share with anyone who may have issues with site loading speeds.  I'm with Hostgator and typically don't have issues (been with them for years) but felt I had to share this for those who haven't tried before:
      <IfModule mod_deflate.c>
      SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
      <IfModule mod_setenvif.c>
      # Netscape 4.x has some problems...
      BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html
      # Netscape 4.06-4.08 have some more problems
      BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip
      # MSIE masquerades as Netscape, but it is fine
      # BrowserMatch \bMSIE !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html
      # NOTE: Due to a bug in mod_setenvif up to Apache 2.0.48
      # the above regex won't work. You can use the following
      # workaround to get the desired effect:
      BrowserMatch \bMSI[E] !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html
      # Don't compress images
      SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI .(?:gif|jpe?g|png)$ no-gzip dont-vary
      <IfModule mod_headers.c>
      # Make sure proxies don't deliver the wrong content
      Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary
      <IfModule mod_expires.c>
      # Enable expirations
      ExpiresActive On
      # Default directive
      ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 month"
      # My favicon
      ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
      # Images
      ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 month"
      ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 month"
      ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 month"
      ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 month"
      # CSS
      ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
      # Javascript
      ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 1 year"
    • tpldrew
      By tpldrew
      I've been suffering a number of issues (detailed elsewhere) with data disappearing on servers using heavy caching to serve up Wordpress. The folks at WPEngine are helping fix this issue so others with DMS installed can benefit.
      We've narrowed down the issue, but need help identifying which file gets hit directly to generate the CSS.
      If we can tell them this their team can let it pass through the cache and load.
      Can anyone help with this. I'm in a chat with the cache team at WPEngine right now.