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    • balfred1345
      By balfred1345
      I've got a client on a DMS ver. site. Using WP 4.5.2.
      The site is clean from malware. And I've replicated the below problem with all plugins off except for DMS Pro Tools
      Here's the page: http://choralartsensemble.org/support/sponsors/
      When a textbox or column with textbox on the page are deleted, upon save and refresh one or more textboxes in the header and footer loses its content. This is a repeatable occurrence. 
      Can you please tell me how to fix this so it does not happen again? 
    • John Olsson
      By John Olsson+
      I have a problem with the regular textbox in pl5, in this case, the text goes in that container, but it will hide som of the text, as if the container itself won't fit?
      Is this some kind of bug or have I done something stupid, never happend before with pl5 doh, can I do something smart about it?
      Version: Version 5.0.108
      Look here: www.gastronova.co56.se

    • Kempston
      By Kempston+
      Good day
      How do I indent textbox content so that it's not flush against the side of the screen on mobile devices?
      When I view Kempston Truck Hire East London on my phone, the text is aligned against the side of the screen and doesn't look right.
      Many thanks
    • Ellery
      By Ellery
      I am using WPML v3.2.7 and pagelines 2.2.
      Can you please tell if I can use WPML to translate text in textbox?  or other components in pagelines?  Because I saw there are a number of topics regarding WPML.
      By the way, I read this blog post from pagelines:
      but the PageLines Translation Center link is 404 (http://pagelines.com/translate/projects/pagelines-framework) 
      Thank you very much for your help.
    • triggerfish
      By triggerfish+
      I have a strange problem, I have 2 objects in a text box on the header,
      they are responsive so I change sizing as the resolution goes down.
      The mail icon drops down a line at some resolutions, but not others. The weird thing is there is LOTS of room still in the textbox, there is no reason for it dropping down a line.
      The other strange thing is it looks fine in Firefox, but not in Safari, Chrome or INT Exp.
      Website... http://alignyourspace.com/build/
      Code in textbox=
      <p class="phone">Call 778 . 899 . 0377</p><a class="mail"  href="mailto:[email protected]"> icon-envelope-alt </a>
      Code CSS=
      .mail {
          color: #949494; /* was 707070 */
          float: left;
          display: block;
      .mail i {
          margin-left: 15px!important; 
      .phone {
          font-family: "museo-sans", sans-serif;
          font-weight: 600!important; /* was 900 */
          letter-spacing: 1px;
          font-size: 20px; /* was 24 */
          color: #949494; /* was 707070 */
          float: left;