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Update 5.0.6

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Just a few changes since the last update ;)

Updates since 5.0.4 include:

Account page totally reworked. - Andrew

Lots of name spacing fixes. - Andrew

Notice to install framework theme if not installed added. - Andrew

Fixed 'Section Via Shortcode' php warnings. - Simon

Admin notifications reworked, they are now dismissible. - Andrew

Timeout for API calls increased from 5s to 15s. - Simon

The updates data that gets saved to the database now only saves the data it needs, fixes Davids issue on Plesk where the SQL server was rejecting any query above 1M in length, typical dataset is now under 100kb. - Simon

When accordion style options are added or removed the save button should appear in the admin bar. - Simon

Sizes selected in the rich editor are now displayed properly in the section content. - Simon

Menus/navigation display fixes. - Andrew

Clear the browser localStorage when a user views the plugins/themes or core updates pages, so the extend page always shows correct install information. - Simon

Display last modified and current version on the extend 'cards' ( Note updates notification will be in next build ) - Simon

Do a sanity check to see if the server PATHS have changed, stops a WSOD when section paths have changed due to a host migrating a clients install without notification ( pagely, wpengine, etc ) - Simon


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