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AWS CDN (S3 & CloudFront)

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Hi All,

anyone using the AWS plugin for S3 and cloud front?

if you use normal WP content and add media the imag URL automatically adjusted to the optimized size i.e. 300x200, 1000x500 and so on.

if you select media from PageLine DMS the image is always the original size and the site is super slow (images are 3Mb). I have to go and select the appropriate size from my S3 bucket per each link and that takes much longer to do.

any idea how to make it work like the built in WP optimizer?


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    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      Just recently started using gtmetrix.com to evaluate websites to find out why my page load times seem slow. Here's a recent report: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/cassclayton.com/Q7n9gsfg
      As you can see in the Yslow section,
      Add Expires headers
      Make fewer HTTP requests
      Configure entity tags (ETags)
      all have failing marks. Along with the Configure entity tags (ETags) section, there are several DMS javascript files (and stuff from other plugins) that are being referenced. The Make fewer HTTP requests section says: "This page has 23 external Javascript scripts and 11 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one."
      Can someone please tell me how to address this?  I just signed up to cloudflare.com for a CDN account so trying that too. Anyone have experience with CDN and DMS development? Any issues or is it best to wait till after Live deployment to do that?
      Thanks guys.
    • paraicc1972
      By paraicc1972
      Hi there,
      I have just started to use Wordpress and DMS2 and have 2 questions. I am performing a redesign of my website which contains approx. 500 pages. I am looking to have all the media (images, docs, video clips etc.) stored in an Amazon S3 bucket and I am also looking to have a multi-language option as my current site is multi-lingual.
      My details are:
      URL - redesign.tg4.ie (test site)
      Framework version - DMS 2
      Wordpress version - 4.1.1
      Plugins in use - DMS Professional Tools, Pagelines updater, Contact Form 7, Amazon S3 and Cloudfront
      Server - WAMP server on Windows Server 2008 R2
      I am looking for plugins that are compatible with Pagelines DMS 2 - I have added the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront and configured it. I uploaded an image through the DMS editor and it uploaded to the bucket, the problem is that it is a broken image as it is looking at the local file path instead of the s3 file path.
      Also can someone recommend a multi-lingual  plugin that works with DMS 2
      Paraic O C 
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hey guys, sorry to be a pain again.
      Recently set this site up from MAMP : localbustorbay.com/localbus
      I believe it to be the host, but would hugely appreciate if somebody could check and confirm it's not something I havn't done optimisation-wise for the DMS.
      All the LESS is in the style.less and I have the Pro tools plugin running too, and Cloudflare as well and minification.
      Naturally this speeds it up a hell of a lot, but when the CDN is turned off and we are editing the site live (no cache) I am getting loading times of about 1 minute which is insanely slow for a 1.1mb sized webpage!
      Thanks guys
    • Sourena
      By Sourena
      I have two websites running Pagelines 2.4.4 as their theme (using a child theme). I also use "W3 Total Cache" and "Amazon S3" as my CDN service. The first website does not work properly when CDN is activated on "W3 Total Cache". The problem is that the LESS CSS is not uploaded to "Amazon S3" so the website misses the styles. The second website has the exact same settings but it has no problem.
      Checking everything I noticed that the first website has a folder names "page lines" in the uploads folder (within "wp-content"). Inside this folder there are multiple compiled files of compiled CSS files. Also this line in the source code of my homepage refers to one of these compiled files:
      <link rel='stylesheet' id='pagelines-less-css' href='http://url.com/wp-content/uploads/pagelines/compiled-css-1372540484.css' type='text/css' media='all' /> In the second website the line is different:
      <link rel='stylesheet' id='pagelines-less-css' href='http://url2.com/?pageless=1_1372548999' type='text/css' media='all' /> There is no "page lines" folder created in the "uploads" folder in the second website and it has no problem.
      Why these two websites have this difference and how can I fix that?
    • gayatriom
      By gayatriom
      what is the best way to integrate pagelines with maxcdn?
      the dynamic css is causing the site to go all wonky.
      how do i prevent max cdn from trying to load the css on it's own servers.