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WH Pro - SubNav Font Formatting - Newer Version?

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Hi Andrew - I noticed there has been a change in how the text of the sub nav or child pages is displayed. In your WHP demo - the child pages are now using the same font as the page text - and is only Initial Caps and text is not italicized. http://www.pagelines.com/demos/whitehousepro/the-briefing-room In the version of WH Pro that I am running on my client site (1.4.6) - you can see the child page text is all caps and italicized http://www.ialobbyist.com/services/ I would like to change this to reflect the demo theme - & replace the file/code which governs this display without having to reinstall the entire theme. Also - I have a bought all three themes and have never received notice of any updates, etc. What version is the newest version? Is it posted anywhere? Where are users supposed to download updates? It would be most helpful to have a changelog posted somewhere so that users could see which is the most current version of a particular theme and clearly understand what changes have been made & which bugs have been fixed. Thank you. Barbara

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