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Platform 5 - Instructions for New Users

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Thank you for taking part in the PageLines Platform Beta! With this program you’ll have access to upcoming features and bug fixes before the general population does and help shape the quality and direction of the product.

Taking Part

Install PageLines Platform by following the installation instructions below. From that point on, you’ll get automatic updates from our beta channel. These updates contain upcoming bug fixes and new features. If you find any issues please raise them with us.


  • Download the PageLines Platform .zip file: http://bit.ly/1P7hvWL
  • Install the plugin in WordPress.
  • Test the Platform in different themes, and try out different extensions.
  • Please provide feedback!


Please don’t write publicly about unreleased features.

We need your help!

We’ve done our best to test but your feedback is really important. If you encounter problems or have feedback with the beta, create a new topic in this forum. Suggestions for topics include:

  • Feedback
  • Bugs
  • Crash
  • Polish

We need as much information as possible, so when creating a new topic, make sure to include steps to recreating the issue as well as any screenshots or .gifs that might offer visuals for us

We’ll review each issue and let you know if we need any additional information.

Thank you!

We know you’re busy and we appreciate you taking the time to help with testing. You’re the best!

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Is the link provided the current version of the downloand?

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Thanks for the great intro to P5!  I know you have busted ass on this product.  All the best success to you and Pagelines.

Robert Donnell

P5 Marketing

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