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Caching plugins and Pagelines

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It would be nice to know what is the official stance on caching plugins like Total / Super cache? Because even though the documentation clearly states that it is possible to use those plugins (http://docs.pagelines.com/advanced/optimize-load-time) there are numerous threads on this forum that indicate that Pagelines is not very compatible with those. And it gets even better - any time someone has a problem somehow related to a caching the advice from Pagelines is "flush cache and disable the 3rd party caching plugin", which is clearly not a solution of the problem in any way since caching is essential for WP sites (as WP is a very heavy website). So, the questions are:

1. Do you officially support Total Cache / Super Cache or any other cache plugins?

2. If you do - then does the user need to flush cache manually every time he makes a change to a page via pagelines? Changes to content are, of course, automatically picked up by caching plugins, but changes by Pagelines are not necesserily "visible" to those plugins.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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1. We have never said that our products are not compatible with cache plugins. All we say is that when a user experiences an error, they usually have these plugins active. That doesn't mean our products are not compatible, it just means that a user has a cache plugin active on their site when he/she is still working on it, making changes to CSS etc...

Also, these plugins do not work like magic and work by simply installing and activating them. They need to be carefully configured to match up with your servers configuration. We do not officially support a specific cache plugin. However, we have used both WP Super Cache and W3 Total cache on PageLines.com before. I have used both of them myself on personal websites, I tend to prefer to use WP Super Cache as in my opinion W3 Total Cache is overkill with the options. Also, you do realise that unless your sites receives high traffic, there isn't any really need to use a cache plugin.

2. If you're working on your site, then a cache plugin shouldn't be active, its called a cache plugin for a reason. Therefore, if you wish to have a cache plugin active and still work on your site i.e adding custom CSS etc.. then you will most definitely want to flush the cache each time. However, I would recommend simply not using one until after your sites design is completed.


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Thinks for the quick reply.

1. Yes, I understand that compatibility is a very broad word and the question about official support was probably not the best one to ask since cache plugins are made by other parties.

About the server configuration - I am just speaking about the simplest cache mode (just caching HTML to avoid heavy WP page generation), and I always thought that it is quite straightforward if you think about a generic apache server on a casual hosting. As for the necessity of caching - I cannot agree on this, since average WP load times are far from perfect and while those WP sites do work fine under low traffic they tend to get bad SEO rating because of those 3 second load times. Caching solves this problem perfectly.

2. In an ideal world - I would totally agree that caching is not an option while developing a website. Unfortunately I have colleagues that want to edit parts of the website at random times. Basically our current problem is that every time someone randomly edits some page they break the whole website since apparently the page gets updated, CSS file gets regenerated, but the cache does not know anything about this. Thus it not only shows the old page HTML but also it references the old CSS files (which is deleted by now or for whatever reason is not available anymore). I guess that this whole topic comes down to this question: is it possible to flush e.g. Total Cache (or run any other PHP code) at the time when the user presses the "publish" button? I've looked through the hook list (http://api.pagelines.com/dms-updates/hooks.php) and I did not find anything related to publishing.

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