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upgrading platform pro

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My website was set up several years ago by an expert as I am not that tech savvy.

For the past 18 months the slider image on the home page(960x330) has been shrinking down and I have tried over and over again to find a way to fix it.

I'm using the Platform Pro theme and it has no specific slider category.

I can find the image under Features and clicking a link leads to the post for the image.

I can also find the slider image in my Media and it has the option of editing but nothing seems to work. I thought if I could just widen the image back to the right size all would be well.

Hopefully someone out there has knowledge of the Platform Pro theme as it seems different than a lot of the others.

I have thought of updating as it is 1.3.1 Theme that no longer exists I believe, but have no idea what to update to or what issues it will cause my website.

My website is www.ironstruck.com


Thanks in advance.......

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Hi ytriguy

If I understand...

You can try with this CSS rule

#feature-area .fcontainer {    
background: none;

Yes, you can update, please read the Dany´s reply on this

Be carefully


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Hey Batman!


Wow!  The CSS you gave me worked like a charm and a problem I've had for two years is fixed.

Just had to figure out where to put the code and once I did the slider was fixed.......Check it out  www.Ironstruck.com

Thanks so much for your help.

Apparently the theme I'm using (Platform Pro)is a legacy theme and it can be updated but I'm a bit leery of doing this as I might damage my site.

There were security issues with this theme and Pagelines provided a plugin fix in place of an update so for now I opted for that and have activated the plugin that fixes the security issue.

Thanks again...

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