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SingleBits working with current version of DMS?

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Can anyone tell me if SingleBits works with DMS2? Nothing seems to be working with this plugin. 

Nothing looks like the demo pages... it only displays Options>global, not Type. Frustrated! 

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    • leftcoastmichael
      By leftcoastmichael+
      I had DMS installed before.  I had a nifty design for my blog page that used the SingleBits extension to place the Feature Photo of the most recent post as a full-width banner across the top of the Post page. Click on any blog to view it, and the blog post also shows its Feature Photo as a full-width banner across the top.
      Then I upgraded to Platform 5, and it all disappeared.  Help?
    • dario
      By dario
      Whenever I deactivate SingleBits via the plugin screen, I lose all front and back end access (white screen of death).
      I try to delete the relevant tables in the db but I'm probably not finding all of them as I still get a white screen.
      My only solution so far is to restore the whole site and db from a backup.
      Just wondering, before I go through the process again, should I remove all instances of SingleBits from the front end before I deactivate the plugin?
      FWIW, I'm not displeased with the section. I'm just using a developed site as a template for its subdomain.
      As such, I want a lot of the same settings/design/content, but not all. I've cloned and am selectively deleting what should not belong.