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    • batman
      By batman
      I get the following message in my forum test with the DMS 1.1   It appears your WordPress install can't write to your servers file system. This may adversely affect your sites performance. Check with your host about resolving this issue. To hide these notices, visit PageLines options panel.   After entering the editor the first time, it disappeared Does this have to do with the functions possix?   This is my debug info   DMS Debug Info WordPress Version
3.6.1 Multisite Enabled
No Current Role
Administrator Framework Path
/home/content/62/9163462/html/macteam/wp-content/themes/dms Framework URI
http://mac-team.com.ar/wp-content/themes/dms Framework Version
1.1 PHP Version
5.3 PHP memory
256 Mysql version
5.0.96-log PHP type
Cgi-fcgi PHP User
Posix functions are disabled on this host! OS
Linux Licence OK Installed Plugins
dms-plugin-pro/dms-plugin-pro. php
dynamic-to-top/dynamic-to-top. php
filtering/filtering. php
postpins/postpins. php
salebar/salebar. php
splash-box/splash-box.php   Shared Host: Godaddy   http://mac-team.com.ar   Thanks in advance :)