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Need help with Custom Page Template using WP's custom function.

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I am trying to create two blog post pages that both use the magazine style template. One for my home page and one for my news blog. Each page needs to query a specific category of posts. I have read through WP's built-in functions docs on how to use "Query Posts" and have come up with this code to use within my templates: //The Query query_posts('cat=a number'); I need help placing this code into the correct templates for my home page and new custom template page for my news blog. Note: I have added "PageLines Feature" to my Post Pages Template Layout for my home page and assigned a specific feature under "Feature Settings" > Posts Page and 404 Feature-Set. When I create a new custom page template for the news blog I no longer have the ability to hide the feature section under "PageLines Section Control". Can you help me create a Custom Page Template that works with PageLines Section Controls? Can all of this be done in the Child Theme so that updates do not effect the changes? Thank you in advance. You can see what I have done so far at: www.abellemare.com

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