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iBlogPro editing pages with DMS (PageLinesToolbox CSS/JS) issues

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I've got two issues with the Toolbox:

1. The buttons with no caption are displayed somehow wrong.

2. The 'Saving changes' spinner is permanently spinning from the time the page is loaded and has no reaction to "Publish" button pressed.  



iBlogPro version 1.2.4 is installed with original CSS/JS.

Switching off all the WP plugins doesn't help.

Site url: ultrablow.ru

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1. You have likely added custom CSS or installed a plugin that is causing the issue. As you have mentioned that disabling all plugins, then it is very likely related to your own custom code.

2. The looping saving indicator is caused by bad code that is conflicting with the DMS saving. I have reviewed your site and you have installed a custom child theme and appear to have a custom built section called ultraslider. I recommend you disable this child theme, enable iBlogPro 6 and see if the issue persists.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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