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iBlog, Whitehouse theme - template confusion and navbar issue with Typography setting

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A week ago I setup a brand new install of Wordpress and latest DMS. Wanted to try the Whitehouse theme but accidently activated iBolg first. Went back and chose whitehouse, but now when I look at the templates area, there are a bunch of Iblog templates there but no whitehouse named templates (and something called iPage Handling in Page Setup column?). Further mystery is there are several whitehouse sections available to add to page.  no iblog sections though...?

Also having some weirdness with editor. When I change the Primary Text typography to Georgia and a large size (like 24px) the blue navbar separator bars extend down below the bottom of the navbar area.  Using Inspector, I can see I can set height in CSS to deal with that. But while in the DMS editor, I can't see the new text size being displayed! If I logout and view the page, it looks big like I chose in a couple different browsers, but in CHrome while logged in to editor, the font is small

Any suggestions? Would like to see what my text choices look like without having to log out.

Site at:

Wordpress version 4.2.3

Active Plugins:Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI
several DMS sections/plugins
Gravity Forms
PageLines Updater
Wordfence Security
Yoast SEO




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Can you go into more detail about this iPage setup option you're referring to as well as take a screenshot. As I am not entirely sure what you're referring to.

In regards to templates from iBlogPro, that isn't an issue, you can remove them if you like.

In regards to the font size, can you provide a screenshot please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      I have a problem with the typography settings. I set the H1 class with "font-weight: 300;" (Very thin weight), and "font-size: 50px;" (To have considerable evidence of my problem). Unfortunately, as you can see on the screenshots, those setting don't have any incidence on the site, Infact in the home page editor there is a trial title called "Text test", bold, and 26 px approximatly sized.
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