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    • suerama
      By suerama+
      Hi, I recently updated wordpress and plugins and now changes simply do not register at all in the DMS interface. At first I can type in a textbox field, but I don't see that affecting the type on my page. Then I publish, see no effect. After that I can no longer even type in a text box interface field. 
      Wordpress interface works normally, it's just the DMS that isn't functioning.
      I'm setting up a dev site to troubleshoot this by disabling plugins, or reverting to a saved backup, etc. But I thought before I go to all the trouble someone might have a tip for me.
      Thanks in advance!
    • JasonLA
      By JasonLA+
      I seriously love Grandstand but it's become very buggy as I add more items. 
      Right now I've added around 40 images, all regular size. You can see it at zox.la/collection. 
      My issue is that I can no longer hit the edit button or have the pagelines editor open on that page for it to load. If I do, it just lags out until the google eventually asks me to kill the page. 
      Any suggestion for how to fix this? Grandstand is awesome for a sort of catalog option and we'd like to load all our products up on it for an easy way to browse that's separate from our store. 
    • itarsenal
      By itarsenal+
      I want to have two different pages where I showcase people and am thinking about the DreamTeam section
      One page would be people directly on my team, people I'd be okay with having user accounts on the site to some extent.
      Then on another page, others would be extended "team" members, more like recommended people...but people I wouldn't be okay with having access to the site in anyway.
      How does this work with DreamTeam, I want to know if this is worth my purchase, and can't based on the information page, I don't know enough about how it works.
    • werdnags
      By werdnags+
      Hi Folks,
      I made my site on a temp URL and move it.  All looks great except the Grandstand sections I have on a few pages are not looking in line and the images and not resizing themselves.
      Before I moved it the images were lined up great.
      Anyone any ideas?  Thanks.
      Link to the site: http://urlgone.com/2f0807/
    • Ryan Logan
      By Ryan Logan+
      Website Page References:
      http://fall-linemotorsports.flywheelsites.com/pro-racing/gs/ http://fall-linemotorsports.flywheelsites.com/club-racing If you scroll to the bottom of each page, you'll see the Tabkit implementations.  All of the Tabkit entries appear just fine.  However, what I really want to do is:  for each page, I only want to display Tabkit entries specific for that page (category).  
      Here is what I've done so far.
      Created Tabkit categories:  Club Racing Schedule and GS Racing Schedule Within each page's Tabkit, configured the following:  > Meta Content > Single Meta > "crs" (Club Racing Schedule) and > "gsrs" (GS Racing Schedule) Created Tabkit items for each Tabkit category by: a.) configuring the Custom Field to match the Single Meta ("crs" or "gsrs") and b.) specifying the Tabkit category (Club Racing Schedule or GS Racing Schedule) Thank you,