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DMS is filtering content when it shouldn't be

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I am using the new WooCommerce Memberships plugin. http://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/

This plugin filters my selected content and only lets my paying members view it. For non-members, it's supposed to replace the content with a message telling them that they need to be a member in order to view the content. Using DMS, this notification message does not appear. There is simply no content at all. When I switch to a default wordpress theme like Twenty Thirteen, the notification message appears as it should. Here is part of the membership plugin code that deals with displaying the notification text:

if ( ! in_array( $post->ID, $this->content_restriction_applied ) ) { echo 'You must be a member to view this content'; }

Basically this code is saying is that if the content is not already filtered, echo the notification. If I remove the ! at the beginning of the code, the notification message appears as it should, however it negatively affects other issues, such as the "Latest Posts" widget in the Columnizer section. I emailed WooCommerce about the issue, and they said that the issue is with DMS. Here is what they said:


"I tested locally with the DMS theme and experienced the same result as you did. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee compatibility with 3rd party themes or plugins, though we make every effort to build extensions that adhere to best practices.

To answer your question, the ! means not - or rather if the condition that follows evaluates to false - the PHP function in_array will check to see if the current post id is in the array called content_restriction_applied - so, basically, that conditional statement says: "If this post has not been filtered already, filter it now" In my testing, if I remove the ! then yes, the restricted post content works as expected, but I can see right away, in the default configuration of DMS that the 'Latest Posts' widget in the footer has the same content applied to it as the post does. I'm guessing this is undesirable and is an indicator that you can expect to have problems if you remove the ! from the conditional statement.

To reiterate, the DMS theme is filtering content when it should not be - that is what is causing this issue with Memberships. I would recommend opening a support request with the theme authors. Something like this:

Subject: filtering the_content produces unexpected results

To reproduce:


  • Fresh install of WordPress
  • No plugins active
  • In addition to the 'Hello World' post that exists in the default installation, create two posts, each with unique content
  • assume that the 'Hello World' post has an id of 1 (adjust below code as necessary if not)
  • In dms/functions.php add the following code
add_filter( 'the_content', 'my_content_filter_callback' );

function my_content_filter_callback( $content ) {
    if ( 1 == get_the_ID() ) {
        $content = 'This is the filtered content';
    return $content;
  • Visit the single post page for 'Hello World'

Expected result: The "Recent Posts" in the footer retain their unique content (or excerpt, as appropriate)

Actual result: Each of the "Recent Posts" outputs the filtered content even though their id does not match the condition for filtering

see screen shot: http://cld.wthms.co/199R8/3ITmh4ib


Please help!!!


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Two and a half weeks and not even one rely? what happened to the priority support I am paying for as a club member?

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Hi Chris,

Not sure what happened here, your post wasn't in the unanswered posts que? Will need to speak to Simon about that.

I am unable to test this due to the plugin being a premium one. However, what section are you using to display your content the default WP-Content/PostLoop section? If so, have you tried legacy mode?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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