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    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      Hi guys
      I recently was asked by client to make a Woocomerce site I'm working on be able to display in Spanish. After some research I found transposh plugin had good reviews. So installed it. Put the widget in DMS2 sidebar and set it up for just English and Spanish, with english default. When I checked the site, it would not display spanish when chosen, but it did start to display " " in several places. So I turned it off again.
      Contacted Woocomerce who replied:
      So I deactivated the plugin, but now stuff is showing up in spanish in the dashboard (like Activate/update/delete under plugin names, field text in Gravity forms and probably lots of other places I haven't checked out yet but the main site content looks english!?!?!
      So I turned transposh back on but this is a problem... can't have a plugin active that is causing clashes, so where do I look to reset the system base language back to english when the plugin is deactive?
      oh, site is at http://ecoluxhomeproducts.com/storedev/  (in english now, but transposh active...)