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Hi, I have noticed a number of posts experiencing issues in updating the Custom LESS/CSS in DMS.  I was wondering if this has been resolved or is still being worked on.  I have also experienced major issues with putting in CSS and it doesn't save my changes.  Which can be completely frustrating when doing a build with a deadline.  It drives my developer so crazy that he boycotts projects that we use pagelines to build the sites, I basically do them all because I am the one that waves the flag to support using DMS more for our client wordpress projects.

I wanted to give you some feedback on what I have been experiencing....

When building on my local host I only seem to experience the problem occasionally.

I have been starting to go through the list of suggested hosts as well to host my pagelines sites to see if this is an issue doing the build on a non-local host environment.

When I use godaddy as a host and build in a live install on a domain or subdomain, I have the problem so much I sometimes want to throw my computer.

I just built a site on flywheel hosting and the problem with it not saving was extremely bad to the point when I would refresh many times the site would visually look different, like it wouldn't render. My updates would show in one browser and not on another and different on different computers...even when I flushed the browser cache and the dms cache. In addition, I did the migration to this from the local host that I set it up on since I am using a child theme and the migration was easy but I had to re-upload all my media and then set all the images for the whole site into all the sections again.  Thank goodness it is only a one page site or I may have given up.

I am going to try WPengine for my next client pagelines site and see how that goes.  

All in all - I had a lot less problems with the custom LESS/CSS saving when just building on local host but the pain of resetting all the images and stuff after you migrate the site can be inconvenient. Maybe this issue is more prevalent when building on a live host vs a local host? Maybe not, but something to consider.

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I have used DMS Framework on local websites powered by MAMP, Vagrant and XAMPP and used sites on FlyWheel, Digital Ocean and Linode. I have never experienced a CSS/LESS CSS saving issue unless I made a mistake on the code.

If you're experiencing the issue on GoDaddy, then its most definitely the host and you're likely on shared hosting i.e. cheap and poor hosting environment. To encounter the issue on FlyWheel, you either had a CSS/LESS CSS mistake, had a plugin installed such as a cache plugin or you refreshed before the Saving indicator finished. As I have just this moment, add some custom CSS/LESS to DMS on a FlyWheel hosted website and had no issue saving the code.

Can you provide a link to a site that is currently experiencing the issue and also if possible, the CSS you're using (when adding your code to this post, please use either GitHubs Gists, CodePen or similar service), so we can take a closer look.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny--

There are other reports of this, too - see: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/34675-added-sections-keep-disspearing/. This isn't an isolated issue; I've seen it pop up here and there under different headings pretty regularly (forum search isn't working at the moment, apparently; searching for "css" turns up no results). 

While it occurs less often on a local environment, it does still occur in localhost, and I've seen this happen across a variety of different hosting options (including GoDaddy VPS and Managed WP, which are both better than a cheap, generic shared plan), and Bluehost as well. Most of my sites are running between 254-256MB of RAM, but all still have this problem to varying degrees, regardless of the host I've used it with. 

Suggestion for PageLines: The only bit I can find on memory in the PageLines documentation indicates that "a PHP memory limit of 49MB is the minimum requirement for PageLines DMS". If PageLines can't be optimized to work well on hosts like GoDaddy or Bluehost (or, really, it sounds like most shared environments), could you update the documentation and the Framework page to reflect that? Honestly, if I'd have known that when I subscribed, it may have affected some of my hosting recommendations. I love using PageLines, but it's getting harder and harder to rely on it as a solid recommendation for my clients. 


I've found that using the Dashboard to enter custom CSS (WordPress Dashboard > PageLines > Custom CSS) has much better results than using the front-end editor. The front-end editor very frequently requires me to enter the CSS multiple times, and will frequently only save like, half of the code, rather than the entire string. However, keeping a couple of tabs open and entering the CSS from the Dashboard side works instantly almost every time. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Aldisney!

I know that I have read on many posts that other people were having the same issue.  And the code I was writing was fine when I checked it through a validator.  But there were so many times that it would only save half of the code when using the front end editor and it was very frustrating.  I love pagelines and have been really focused on using it as I have been building a number of sites on it lately.  So I will definitely use the dash board.  I had gotten to the point where I was updating my files through sftp because this way it saved and worked every time.  I definitely had less issues when working on my localhost but they still existed. 

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I've actually given up on PageLines for the time being and have gone back to Divi. I'm not completely throwing it away yet - I want to see what's fixed in the new version/product they keep talking about, but the continued problems with memory, the lack of new features, and the general lack of forward momentum have really damaged my confidence, rendering me unable to recommend it to clients. Still using it on my own sites, but no more client sites, and I actually went back and rebuilt one using Divi. 

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