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I need urgent assistance with this 3 shortcodes, i cant seem to find them on the forum.

 1.I need the css, to be able to add shopping cart to my Navbar the way it is on Pagelines.com Website.


2. I use this social media shortcodes for twitter and facebook ( [twitter_button type="follow"][like_button url=http://url-to-like.com]) i was only able to change the user for facebook, but could not add another twitter user, all sites round it was showing my twitter url instead of the specific user of that page, can you please show me how i can tweak the twitter follow button so that it will reflect other users not just the website twitter page?


3. How do i add a Youtube channel with this shortcode  ([pl_video type="youtube" id="CL1jPb0_Auc"] i tried adding a channel by embedding it in the media player html option, it will not show the channel, please can you show me how to add a channel not just a single video, A complete users channel?


I know Danny will ask that i refrain from asking multiple questions, but this questions are very much related so please pardon me if i am anxious to know the answers at once because i have tried all permutations i can think of without any solution, so here i am in the land of experts, regards.


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1. That isn't achieved via CSS, that is a custom navigation section developed for PageLines.com. If you want to add something similar you do one of the following:

  • Create your own navigation section
  • Use hooks to insert the cart to your navigation
  • Try this plugin if your cart can be added via a shortcode - https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-in-menus/
  • Contact our helpdesk and ask them to provide you with the contact information for our trusted developers who can develop a custom section or implement custmo code.

2. I would suggest using a plugin if you wish to use a specific user. As far as I know JetPack may support this.

3. That shortcode is for a YouTube video, not a specific channel. If you want to add a channel, you will need to use a third party plugin.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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