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Unmoving background with foreground scroll

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I would like to do something similar to what this designer has done with DMS 2.0. Having issues figuring out how to build it. 

Any ideas on how to create the scroll effect of the wallets picture and the hills picture in this site where the picture is a background of sorts and the foreground elements scroll by... 



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They have added custom CSS to add either a colored background or image and then applied background-attachment: fixed; to the pl-wrap class. I highly recommend you visit the site again and inspect those elements using Chromes devtools.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • AEP
      By AEP
      Unfortunately if one selects DMS 2.0 theme "customize" button WP>Appearance>Themes>Active>DMS 2...and it is already installed, active and customized....it resets the site and removes most customization...not good if you didn't want it do reset.  It should instead take you to the DMS 2.0 menu as if the designer is ready to continue to customize without removing prior customization.  It should also give a "warning" if you select this button "customize" all prior customization will be removed...are you sure you want to proceed.  This might help new users of DMS 2.0.  Thanks for listening!
    • AEP
      By AEP
      Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
      Website URL: www.golfdynamics287.com
      Framework Version: DMS 2.0
      WordPress Version: 4.0
      WP's menu Appearance>themes installed... shows two Pagelines themes: one active (DMS 2) and one inactive (Pagelines 2.4.4).  Can I delete the inactive Pagelines Framework 2.4.4 since it isn't active without disrupting DMS 2.0?  Or are both needed?  The site's menu system is acting weird...sub pages will not stay under parent page after saving menu...and I want to delete all unused themes and plugins.
      Thanks for your help!
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      I have tried to fix this problem with full width white bars showing up on this website but have not been successful.  In DMS it does not show these bars however when you use a browser to view the page the bars show up. Please help me eliminate these white bars.  
      website: http://featherstonstudio.com/
      When I used Chrome Inspect it shows this HTML:  
      <div id="dynamic-content" class="outline template-region-wrap pl-area-container"> <!-- Canvas Area | Section Template --> <section id="pl_areauv67p30" data-object="PLSectionArea" data-sid="pl_area" data-clone="uv67p30" class="pl-area pl-area-sortable area-tag pl-black   pl-bg-cover section-pl_area" style="  "><div class="pl-area-pad fix"> <div class="pl-area-wrap " style="padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px;">   <div class="pl-content nested-section-area"> <div class="pl-inner area-region pl-sortable-area editor-row" style=""> <div class="row grid-row">   <!-- MediaBox | Section Template --> <section id="mediaboxut4fixf" data-object="PageLinesMediaBox" data-sid="mediabox" data-clone="ut4fixf" class="pl-section span12 offset0    pl-bg-cover section-mediabox" style="  "><div class="pl-section-pad fix"><div class="mediabox-wrap pl-centerer pla-fade pl-animation fix animation-loaded" style="min-height: 30px"> <div class="the-media fitvids pl-centered center hentry" style="margin-top: 0px;"> <img src="http://featherstonstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/Austin-at-night-with-buildings-1200-800-lower.jpg" data-sync="mediabox_image" alt="" title="">  <div class="the-media-html"></div> </div> </div></div></section></div> </div> </div> </div> </div></section> </div>  
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      Might I request a new "Forum Topic" for DMS 2.0 not for the intent of isolating DMS 1.1.x, but rather so that Technical Support questions that are posted will be easier for the specific version to be able to differentiate. That way if I have DMS 1.1.x question I will not confuse the DMS 2.0 user, and if I have a DMS 2.0 question I will not confuse the DMS 1.1.x user, because there are enough differences between the two version to warrant concern. 
    • glennyboy
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      Unfortunately I'm getting the following error on update of DMS to 2.0 via FTP method:-
      Fatal error: Class 'PagelinesLess' not found in /home/developm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/page-less/inc/class.legacy.php on line 238
      Your input is appreciated.