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    • ProCom
      By ProCom+
      Hello, I built a WooCommerce website with Pagelines lines and I have two questions. 
      I would like to add text below my quickcarousel on the home page. Text would be displayed below the image would be the category name. On the Epson carousel you can see text below the image. I would like to do the same thing to my ProCom website.
      My second question is there a function to show how many items in cart on the menu for pagelines? 
      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. 

    • ProCom
      By ProCom+
      Hello, I am trying to figure out how to add text links below images on the QuickCarousel. I am trying to create a carousel similar to the Epson Carousel. I have Platform 5 and using the DMS QuickCarousel. 

    • richardjacruz
      By richardjacruz+
      I'm sorry to be a bother. I tried looking this up through the forum and then via Google, but  couldn't find the answer. 
      I want to add "alt" text to the images found in the RevSlider and the QuickCarousel at www.stevensoncrane.com. I added alt text in the media section of WP, and I refresh the page and published, but I still don't see content in the "alt=" part of any image HTML. 
      Is there a way of doing this with these two sections?
    • artos90
      By artos90+
      I am trying to add the full width QuickCarousel to may home page. I uploaded an image and inserted the link and when I refresh the page the image has been removed and so has the link. Any ideas as to why it is doing this. I have spent a lot of time playing with the size of the images but it seems to make no difference. I am missing something but I'm not sure what it is!
      Appreciate any help.
    • jmad
      By jmad
      QuickCarousel aligns to the left when browser size is larger and photos don't fill the entire space.  Shouldn't the carousel center in the section?