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Skeleton Child Theme

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Follow up for Danny about the Skeleton child theme on github.....

I am going to download the advanced version for a client site I will be starting to build. I was reading through the theming overview and structure on pagelines.  basically I download this and rename the directory to the theme name.  then change out all the headers in the style.css file, add any css that I may want to have styled on site wide and save it, then zip that and upload it as my theme to basically build out a demo site. create any customized page templates for internal or site pages I want, drag and drop pieces into sections and save them as new sections to be reused in the site and then go to the import + export area in global settings and publish this configuration to child theme.

I don't expect to get into building custom sections yet or messing with any php either.  But how do I then go about exporting this so that I can reuse it?  Does the Custom CSS/Less that i put into the pagelines custom area in the editor get added to the theme when I publish the config to child theme for future use as well?

I am really new to this whole "building a theme" thing. I have read stuff on github on creating wordpress child themes, lynda.com etc and it seems a little advanced for me but I see the value of using the child theme for the client instead of just installing dms and doing custom css on it.

Is there any additional guidance you can provide me?

I really wish you made a step by step teaching tutorial video or lesson based guide that a person can work through each step in building out the first ones from basic to advanced.  That would be awesome....

Look forward to hearing back.

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There really isn't anything to be apprehensive about in regards to child themes. It sounds more scarier than it actually is.

This what I would do if I was you.

Any custom CSS/LESS CSS you're going to add, should be added to the style.css (if you're only using CSS) or style.less file (if you plan to use both CSS and LESS CSS). This way all your CSS/LESS CSS is one file, one location and, therefore, easier to manage. By doing this, your client can then if they feel like tweak the CSS/LESS CSS you have added or add their own to the built-in editor in DMS without touching your code.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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