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Pagelines License

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Hi guys, 

i bought my first Pagelines-product 2012 with my partner. Then 2013 again with my company. I experimented a lot with other coding styles like HTML-templates, Visual composer Themes etc. but i now want back to Pagelines. Got my Webdesign Company going good -> http://www.kleinheinz.codes

Here is the problem:

When im logged into my account i can renew my "old" Business Account for 288$.

On the Mainpage of Pagelines.com is the price lower.

So i dont know that i should pick and what is best for me...

I need clean Pagelines Framework. All extra Sections i would buy or code by myself like i did before. So what option should i choose and how much is it?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Martin,

I would recommend purchasing a new license from our site, instead of renewing your old product. 

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • Charles
      By Charles+
      I purchased a single user pro license and installed the theme on my WP site. However, none of the pro functionality is turned on. When I click the Activate button, I get sent to a Paglines page to buy a new license. I have checked my email conformations and receipt, but the code is not on that. Does anyone know how to do this?
    • Jennifer
      By Jennifer+
      Hi, I'm not handing off to a client - we had MAJOR server issues and migrated to StudioPress - so I need to deactivate my license on our old copy of the site so I can use it on our new copy of the site. I tried disconnecting my account, but it didn't give my my Pro license back to use...is there just a lag? Thanks!
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      I need to find my DMS Pro License key but I can't find it in my account. Does anyone know where to find it?
      Thanks in advance,
    • md
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      The pro license swapping has been introduced in the past weeks.

      The "release" button (to remove a pro license from a certain website) is not working though.

      I need to work on the new website though and I can't swap the license from maximilianduschl.com to duschl-zeltverleih.de.

      Can you please help me on this? 

    • Luke
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      Hi I used PL5 Pro on a dev site, I have gone live and now want to connect the live site to PL5 Pro.
      I submitted a support request to disconnect the dev domain and I got the following reply " Done, I've added another domain for you as well so you can do local dev... "
      However nothing has updated, on the live site it says "0 of 1 total Pro licenses available in your account (Grandfathered)". 
      I have tried refreshing the PL account on my site but no change.
      I replied to the support email saying it's still not working and I've not had a reply after 4 days even after following up.
      Any help would be appreciated. There has got to be a better way of releasing licences, this is a nightmare at the moment.