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Simply Scroll Up - Anchor links?

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Hi Guys, I have lots of anchor links on my website pages and have been looking at using a wordpress plugin called Easy Smooth Scroll Links to give me a nice transition between each point rather than a jump like it is now. 


The smooth transition on your plugin is what im trying to achieve.


I dont see from the demo or from the documentation if its possible to use your extension for multiple anchor links or not, as its not mentioned im thinking that its not possible but i thought to ask anyway.


Generally for each business listing on my website there will be at least 3 different anchor links "Gallery" "Map" & "Review" these are held inside a button group at the top of the content on each page then the anchors at the correct positions inside the body of content. I then have "Back to Top" buttons near each anchor.


Can your extension be used for this purpose or is it just back to top only?



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Simply Scroll Up wont do that but we are working on a plugin that would help you, it will give you simple options in the dashboard for your easing choices, it will also have a few options on how it can be used on the front. And it will be agnostic - as in not only for DMS. 

Its about 2 months away... sorry. 

best, Gavin

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Looking forward to this! Easy Smooth Scroll isn't quite working how I would like.

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