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Multimenu Bug

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I have done this multiple times and the result is always the same.


I add the mutlimenu to the header add section to it. go to various pages that I dont want the section to show on and add the page id in the area of the multimenu section.


After the refresh there is still a 100px min-height still visible and when I go to the home page page the section that i applied to mutlimenu canvas area are all gone.


For now it seems css is the only way to hide the section on certain pages.


My actual site is local but I recreated the bug on my test site




All I did to recreate the bug was add a pageid to the area provided inside the section.





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I have visited your site and these sections do not appear to be in the MultiMenu section, they appear to be sections that have white styling which is why you can't see them. I have applied custom CSS to them so you can see them.



Can you provide a page where these sections are inside the MultiMenu section ?

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I have Wordfence security plugin active. This morn it reported " File contains suspected malware URL: /home/intearth/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/multimenu/jquery.multilevelpushmenu.min.js"  Line in question is:

1102  // http://coveroverflow.com/a/11381730/989439


Go to http://coveroverflow.com/ and sure enough browser indicates this site has been blocked for malware


Why is this line in a Pagelines plugin?  Has it become hacked? If so how did the hacker get in here to change it?


Tried to report this on PL bug report link but got 404 not found message.

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