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how to I break a post wp content/loop

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I would like to start my page with a wp content/lopp  section. Then add some media boxes and then continue with the wp content/lopp  section. is there a way to do that?



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This just a suggestion but what I would do if I desired such a layout would be to use Advanced custom fields.


I would make two new fields both text area with wysiwyg editor.  Then use the shortcode or php method.


Then on the page drag a pl next box  followed by 2 media boxes  and finally another plnext box.


Then add your shortcode for field one in the top and shortcode for field two in the last plnextbox.



**Some additional steps which I did not include are required but reading through the ACF docs should  help  Advanced Custom Fields **




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      Types - Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types (can't say I quite understand how to use this and am not currently using it)
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