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King Creative Design

Page Title Section

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King Creative Design

WordPress 4.2.2
DMS2 Version:
Skeleton theme

Site URL - http://newsite.ocdla.com

1.) I'm working with the Page Title Section and it looks like it might do what I want it to do, but if so I can't figure out which settings to use.

2.) I have the Page Title section set up on the 'default page template', which i'm using for most pages on this site, as they all have the same layout.

3.) I need every page to have a different title (obviously, hence why I'm using the section) but I want them to be different from what the page title is in the actual WP page doc. I see that there is there is an override in the DMS editor for this section, however when I change it, it changes all pages globally. Is there a way to do this so every page can have it's own separate overridable title?


4.) Currently it appears how I want it to because I have done a workaround by naming the WP pages (from within the WP dash) what I need them to say. The beauty of this workaround was that the client would not have to open the DMS editor to make changes to these titles and could edit them right from the WP dash, however I have discovered that it will mess with the site search function as well as not being ideas for SEO.


5.) I'm open to using a different section to achieve this effect so If you have another solve or a different section that might work better, please let me know.


Thanks in advance!


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I have moved your topic to the correct location as the Page Title product is a third party product and therefore, only the developer of the product can provide support.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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King Creative Design
TY Danny.

To whoever finds this thread in the third party forum, I have found a different way to handle this issue so when you go to my URL you may not find the Page Title section anymore.

However, I STILL would like to know if what I described above is possible as this comes up again and again.

I have watched the videos in the section and it's not clear.


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TourKick (Clifford P)

Hi. I just now saw this message. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your purchase.

The issue isn't with PageTitle. The issue is with DMS templates.

All data in Sections gets copied in DMS templates.

The only way to use DMS templates and also have a different page title (h1 or whatever) would probably be to have a custom field to be entered in the Post Editor (not in DMS sections) and use the Textbox DMS section with a custom field shortcode, like https://wordpress.org/plugins/get-custom-field-values/ (untested). That plugin also has a widget so you could use a DMS widget area section instead of the Textbox section.

I hope this helps. Let me know if any follow-up.

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