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Need to change wording. Can't find where it is.

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Hi.  I am trying to change the wording under the first image on my home page:




When I "inspect element" for the image, I find this

<section id="highlight" class="container clone_1 section-highlight fix"><div class="texture"><div class="content"><div class="content-pad"> <div class="highlight-area">
<div class="highlight-splash hl-image-top pl-imageframe"><img src="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/GOF2.jpg"alt=""></div><h1 class="highlight-head">Increase Patient Satisfaction</h1><h3 class="highlight-subhead subhead">Simple Turnkey Solution for Hospitals and Endoscopy Centers</h3> </div>


I have attached the image I am speaking of.


Where do I find this on my back end to edit?


The wording I want to change is that in the h3 class above.  


It's not on the actual homepage.  


This is what the home page content looks like:


<p class="lead">Colon HydroPrep Solutions offers hospitals and endoscopy centers a pathway for best practice using FDA cleared colonic irrigation systems for bowel cleansing when medically indicated. HydroPREP® is colon lavage following Colon HydroPrep Solutions' operating standards and backed by clinical experience. On-site Facility Integration, Department Procurement, and RN Training provide stress free launch to implement this service with clinical excellence day one of "go-live". A safe, effective and more tolerable bowel cleansing method for colonoscopy and surgery. It’s gentle on the body, leading to greater patient compliance, more successful exams, and better outcomes.</p>
For bowel preparation, this <a href="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/?page_id=20">evidence-based</a>method uses a combination of mild laxatives plus clear liquid 'day before' protocol, followed by colon lavage the day of colonoscopy or surgery. HydroPrep colon lavage safely and gently cleanses the large intestine with purified water using FDA-cleared colonic irrigation systems. HydroPrep is administered by a registered nurse certified in HydroPrep operating standards following policy, ethics, and law.  It's safe for renal patients, and causes no disturbance in electrolytes.
[span8][pl_video type="youtube" id="sCtiWcvFvas"][/span8]
HydroPREP can help solve inpatient and outpatient problems including prep intolerance, inadequate preps, and post-op constipation while offering a safe, effective and more tolerable bowel prep for colonoscopy and surgery.  Hospital proven, doctor endorsed, HydroPREP has lead to greater patient activation resulting in more hydrated and rested patients, fewer intolerance problems, and excellent visual clarity for detection of precancerous polyps.
[caption id="attachment_26" align="alignright" width="210"]<img class="wp-image-26 pl-imageframe     " src="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/sunsan-doc-300x300.jpg" alt="Gastroenterologist Dan Norman, MD FACP FACG and Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN" width="210" height="210" /> Gastroenterologist Dan Norman, MD FACP FACG and Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN[/caption]
<h2>Colon HydroPREP On-Site Solution for Hospitals and Endoscopy Centers</h2>
It's easy to add HydroPREP to your facility.
This simple turnkey system includes comprehensive on-site <a href="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/?page_id=16">FacilityIntegration</a>, on-site Department Procurement, and the only Board of Registered Nursing approved provider offering colon lavage <a href="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/?page_id=18">Training for Registered Nurses.</a> Program Director: Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN.
[pl_alertbox type="info"]
<h3 style="text-align: center;"><a title="Contact" href="http://www.colonhydroprepsolutions.com/?page_id=55">Contactus for a free consultation now. </a></h3>


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As far as I can see, you're using static pages. Therefore, you will want to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Pages and select your homepage. From here, scroll down until you see the PageLines Sections Control and then edit or remove the HighLight section.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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