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Social Icons issue after changing to responsive design

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I'm using Pagelines for some years now and had to change to responsive webdesign recently (Site Options - Layout Editor - Layout Handling: "responsive with % width" now instead of the former "static with pixel width").


In "Site Options - Header and Footer" - Branding Section: Social Icon Position" I set the distance from bottom to 35 and the distance from right to 1135 as it always has been.


Now the problem is that the social icons move with the width of the browser (IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox: all the same) and thus out of the window if the frame is too small. Please try out on http://mobiwatch.de



I can't position social icons on the right side of the website because there are two sidebars with ads.


And I can't change back to static pixel width design because of Google: they will ignore websites that do not have responsive web design!


So I really, really hope you can help me fix that!!!


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Lutz,


By default the social icons should appear on the right hand side of your Branding area. However, as you said this isn't the case, due to your ads. Unfortunately, this issue is caused by those adds that aren't related to PageLines. If you remove those ads, the social icons should return to the right hand side. So we are unable to provide assistance, as the issue is caused by your ads and not PageLines.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


I'm sure I'll never again by a product by your company!!!

First Pagelines promises "total freedom" in designing a web page, then you say that I can not combine responsive design with ads!


Be honest: on (guessed) 98% of all websites in the world ads are on the right side (if it has ads at all). So if Pagelines isn't able to put the social icons on the left side in responsive design, too, 98% of all web sites around the world have a "wrong design" and have to resign ads? Sure! That's Apple behaviour: if your phone isn't working, you use it the wrong way! Can't be a mistake of Apple, oh no!


So you argument to blame the ads is insane. I want my social icons on the left side - the reason doesn't matter AT ALL!

I'm a lefty, I like left. I want my icons on the left side. 

Should be not problem, even in responsive web design!


So again: What's the solution?

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As you said most websites have ads. However, when they add these ads, they also use custom code to reposition any elements that are effected by these ads. By default the social icons appear on the right hand side of the Branding section and there is no option to position them elsewhere, as the logo image is on the left hand side.


Therefore, if you want to position the social icons in a specific place you will want to use custom CSS i.e. media queries to position them where you want. 

Please search our forums, before posting!

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