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How to edit Widgets in Columizer

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I am trying to figure out how to edit the column text in Columizer and I know that you simply add the widget you want, but if there are 3 columns, it only allows me to choose ONE widget. How do I add widgets to the other columns?

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    • ccimala1
      By ccimala1+
      Hello, first time posting in the forum so sorry in advance if I didn't follow a rule properly. Recently just finished building my first site using DMS2 after using PageLines for the past few years. I was able to do everything fine, but I noticed that on any Post or Category pages, the columizer in the footer in not displaying the 4 columns correctly. On all other pages it displays properly. Looking at the generated code, it appears as though one column never gets the div class "span3" which is what is causing the issue. Not sure if I just have a setting wrong somewhere, or anyone else has had this issue.
      http://www.fitechllc.com/  <- Homepage with footer acting normal
      http://www.fitechllc.com/media/useful-apps-for-students/ <- Example of footer not displaying properly

      Thank you in advance!