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Powerloop taxonomies revisited

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It seems to me that Powerloop cannot be used on a category page as by default it shows everything on the blog unless you select a category which then overrides the category page you are on,


Sure its nice to have the option to show a different loop on a category page but surely there should be a way of just showing the posts in the category you are currently in!  i.e. it should be loop aware as indeed your own WP Content / loop is!


Category pages are a powerful part of WP and for an extension to not be aware when it is on a category page and show that content accordingly by default is a backward step. 


Have I totally missed the point here?


Here is an example this is a category page on my site


as you can see from the bread crumb its a category page and WP Content shows the category we are on i.e. Lure Reviews straight out the box. No problem.



Now lets use Powerloop with everything at default




still the same breadcrumb but we have today's post nothing to do with lures.


No problem I hear you say just set the taxonomy to lures and job done, and indeed we get




as you might expect a lure review on a lure category page!


BUT because we have now hard wired it we get a lure review on all category pages!



as you can see the breadcrumb is on Reel reviews but we have Lures.


All of which is as long winded way of saying how do I use Powerloop on category pages?





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Yeah I understand what you're referring to, I will speak to our developers and see if we can resolve this.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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We have recently released an update to PowerLoop that allows you to use a general query on category pages.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I can confirm powerloop works now as you might expect it to!

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