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Showcase site url

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Hi there,


I am looking at the showcase submission area and see that a site I want to submit has is listed but the url needs to be different


it shows http://www.st-marys-ashford.kent.sch.uk/wordpress/for the showcase submission but needs to just be http://www.st-marys-ashford.kent.sch.uk/


How can I change this?


Also there are some sites showing up in there that are no longer there like the one below





















is there a way of removing these now the sites are deleted? sorry they are messing with my ordering lol :0





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Hi Paul,


If you want to edit the sites URL, you will need to contact our helpdesk and our staff will assist you.

In regards to the other sites, they're likely being listed as you have entered your license key, but never removed it before deleting the site. Therefore, when you contact our helpdesk regarding the URL change, mention this too. However, please be aware that Showcase is currently in beta and there are likely to be some minor bugs.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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