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What image sizes does DMS create when uploading images?

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I noticed that there are 8 images sizes over and above the 1 image i upload when adding an image to my site.

I can see in wordpress settings media that there are three sizes there (thumbnail, medium, large).

But where do the other sizes come from?


One example is when i add an image to revslider:

The size i add is the correct size, but then there are loads of others that are also added.

Main image:

  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1.jpg

and then 8 other sizes:

  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-1000x600.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-1024x323.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-1200x600.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-150x150.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-300x95.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-400x126.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-500x600.jpg
  • looking-for-a-photographer-try-quintin-mills1-900x284.jpg


Another one is for blog post images.

the main image is uploaded:

  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013.jpg


And then these 5 sizes as well.

  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013-150x150.jpg
  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013-300x200.jpg
  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013-400x267.jpg
  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013-500x613.jpg
  • rugani_carrots_commercial_photography_marketing_elements_0013-675x450.jpg


So it is not even consistently adding the same number of images when they are uploaded.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Anybody? Moderators?

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Hi Danny, thanks for the info.

What sizes does DMS add as part of it's functionality and how do i prevent them from being added?


I found something on GitHub relating specifically to DMS:



Do the DMS developers not have an answer for this?

All i want to know is what sizes are made and how to prevent it from being made.


Thank you.

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As far as I am aware DMS does not generate thumbnails of any images uploaded, this is related to either WordPress itself or plugins. I will speak to our developers to confirm this. Also, the code above is from a third party developer and as far as I can tell, it is related to adding additional image sizes.


If you review the article I linked in my previous post, it has instructions on how to prevent multiple thumbnails being generated.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny.

Did you get any feedback from the developers?


I just switched off all the thumbnail, medium and large options in the media settings and uploaded an image and got the following added.


test.jpg (the original uploaded image)






The only gallery / image type items i use are:

  • The built in DMS revslider (Comes packaged with DMS)
  • Essential Grids
  • Single Bits (http://dms.elsue.com/)
  • Dynamic Featured Image

I asked the guys from Essential grids and they do not add any additional sizes.

I have also asked the Elsue team (@ellenmva) about single bits and their use of dynamic featured image and am awaiting their response.


So the only other one i can think of is the DMS revslider or DMS itself.


I really would like to get to the bottom of this as disc space will eventually become a huge problem.



Thank you.

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Here is a bit of an update with some info from the Elsue Team.


DMS registers a few sizes which may be the sizes being picked.



and to remove these, the following code would be used. Just remove the // in front of each one you want to remove.

add_action('init', 'remove_dms_image_sizes');

function remove_dms_image_sizes() {
    // Remove the // in front of image sizes to remove
    // remove_image_size('aspect-thumb');
    // remove_image_size( 'basic-thumb');
    // remove_image_size( 'landscape-thumb' );
    // remove_image_size( 'tall-thumb');
    // remove_image_size( 'big-thumb');

@Danny, have you had any feedback from the team yet?


Thank you.

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The information you posted above is the same as I got from our team. So what other feedback from our developers do you need ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hello Danny.

I had not had a reply from you set so send those as part of what i had managed to find out.

If that is also what your team says, then we are done.


Thank you :-)

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